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«Riviera» company was created in 1993. It Operates in sunglasses, hair ornaments (barrettes, headbands, etc.), fashion accessories (jewelry, combs, brushes, scarves) market.

Company has more than 50 suppliers from France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, USA, Korea and Hong Kong. Long-term relations with suppliers allow us to form our orders directly at the factory and have the price-quality ratio, which makes the collection «Riviera» maximally competitive. Products under «For Riviera» label are united by one idea and create the «Riviera» collection. Our top priority in the selection process is high level of quality and design of the accessories.

The company has close links with manufacturers in France, which are the legislators of the world of fashion in this group of accessories .A special place in the collection «Riviera» is taken by sunglasses. «Riviera» stands at the origins of the idea of turning sunglasses in fashion accessories. The vast experience in working with manufacturers of sunglasses allowed creating a collection that can compete on the world's leading design brand, with impeccable quality and affordable price, all united under a common brand «Riviera». Considerable amount of attention is paid to the development of a collection of children's products, including hair clips, sunglasses and jewelry.

Company currently has numerous partners in the Baltics and the CIS. Our products are distinguished by a huge range - more than ten thousand types of products, modern, stylish design and high quality.